Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Simon Dybbroe Moller


A.Painter said...

Simon Dybbroe Moller@
Laura Bartlett Gallery
10 Northington Street

A.Painter said...

The seemingly random and disparate objects you see tied together on the floor are parts of The Norman Mailer Paradox II (all works 2011). They are chosen and paired up according to one object’s ability to float vs. the other object’s weight. They are lying there, inanimate on the floor, awaiting a flood. The paintings that are hung throughout the gallery all bear the same title. The Catch. Both the title with its double entendre and the process of making them – net thrown into thick wet paint only to be caught itself – plays with full frontal didactics. The video at the entrance to the gallery, The Drift, is obviously mimicking a format known to us from public service art history programs, or perhaps its younger and impromptu relative that we know from YouTube. It contains a lot of information that you have very little chance of decoding, but which I will give away right here: the imagery pictures a grotto in the Boboli Garden in Florence. It is made in the style which art historians refer to as Mannerist and it depicts the moment after the flood in Ovid’s Metamorphosis. The soundtrack consists of very slow versions of Irving Berlin’s Alexander’s Ragtime Band and Archibald Joyce’s Songe d’Automne, played on crystal glasses filled with water. Lastly, the voiceover lists the objects which had been posted for sale on the “General” category of Craigslist on the day I finished the film

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