Friday, September 2, 2011

Thoralf Knobloch


A.Painter said...

Thoralf Knobloch@
Wilkinson Gallery
Vyner St

Anonymous said...

Finaleeee. The tanker at sea is turning, kiddies. A tectonic shift in art is beginning to take place. Economic contractions bring forth movements back to realism. Edward Hopper, front and center.
Abstract art, RIP. The barn doors are closing on the clowns. The unadulterated shit that paraded for art these past two decades is embarrassing.

Seymour said...

I went to the pv of this. With the sculpture bloke. What's the problem with abstract? And what's the difference between figuration and days? These paintings are very acceptable but ultimately a little pedestrian

Good to see LoPn firing on all cylinders and ship shape

Prof. Chaviuer said...
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Prof. Chaviuer said...

I attended a symposium recently at the ICA called "The trouble with painting", which was a lack lustre affair as apart from one of the facilitators none of the panel where painters. One was a video artist, one was a performance artists, and the other was a jack of all trades. Now of course non painters have opinions but it seems a little, well "vendre les petits pains sans la crème"

Whats wrong with these institutions that they cannot even get the basics right, know wonder the place is an absolute shower and having to flog of shows to artists that sell well at auctions but have no provenience.

As for the work I, attended the pre preview as myself and Anthony go back a little and I thought it was splendid.

small object a said...

The trouble with painting is the unacceptable role,the ridiculousness of the this symbolic role, that painters should be obliged to, but fail to fulfil.

It's a question essentially of how low you wear your jeans.

Would Monet, Van Gogh etc wear trousers around their backside?

Anonymous said...

Seymour:"a little pedestrian"

That's an insult to the artist.

Anonymous said...


Being that you have decided to live in the Land of the Pretentious, learn the difference between provenience and provenance. Unless you are referring to an archaeological dig Webster awaits you.

Webster paints with words.

Prof. Chaviuer said...

Touché Anon

Anonymous said...

Bravo Anon!

Anonymous said...

Hopper is pretty abstract...asshole

Anonymous said...

To: Anon 1:43 am

You are a failed painter. Try not to blame others for your charade.

Anonymous said...

I suspect he only got a show on the strength of his gimmicky surname. Not that I'm bitter or anything.

Actually Knob's been around for ages, doing serviceable, traditional illustration. Dresden Academy chum Haverkost sort of set the agenda for this kind of painting and Knobby's been doggedly mining the seam for well maybe a little too long now. Was taken up by Saatchi when Charles was buying bulk and nothing here rocks that boat.

If only he could have made those carpet rolls look a little bit more like giant cigars... or something...

C'mon Knob - show us something.

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Gexton said...

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