Monday, June 21, 2010

Jamie Partridge


A.Painter said...

Jamie Partridge@
Cole Contemporary Gallery
3-4a Little Portland Street

A.Painter said...

Group show including:
Harry Beer, Robin Footitt, Ian Homerston, Thomas Livesey, Tom McParland, Ellen MacDonald, Simon Mathers and Jamie Partridge.

CAP said...
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Anonymous said...

Dear A. Painter

Please can you put the archive back up? I am sorely missing it.


Sally Selfridges

Anonymous said...

top jpeg

Prof. Chaviuer said...

These, I presume are recent graduates. Never heard of the gallery which is situated in the heart of London's shopping quarter. The language here is firmly that of the non figurative. Having looked at Mr Partridges work on his web site my overall impression is of a mercurial painter, striving for the illusion of the horizon; that out of grasp phenomena which punctuates our very being. His hard won paintings have the moodiness of Blake with the fleeting light of Turner.

I also attended the RA schools MA private viewing yesterday. Talking to one of the Professors there I gleaned that Charlie boy was a little non plus with what was offered. Unlike other years where he has cast his net like a frenzied fisherman during the cod wars.

A.PainterFan said...

That is a rubbish photograph. Very sloppy. Not sure what to make of the painting. Scrappy. I like the idea of it and some of the others on his Saatchi page. Ian Homerston looks interesting and I think the small abstract one by Ellen Macdonald works better than her larger ones shown at New Contemporaries.